Dogecoin Soars as Murdoch & Musk Spark Super Bowl Debate

• Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch and Elon Musk spark Dogecoin (DOGE) discussion at Super Bowl
• Dogecoin price analysis & market outlook
• SEC trying to kill US crypto innovation

Rupert Murdoch & Elon Musk Discuss Dogecoin at Super Bowl

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and tech billionaire Elon Musk sparked a social media debate after insinuating that Dogecoin was a topic of discussion between the two during this year’s Super Bowl. The two were spotted sitting next to each other, with Musk wearing a Dogecoin-themed t-shirt.

Dogecoin Price Analysis & Market Outlook

Dogecoin’s current price is around $0.0832, and the bulls are likely to take over from here. As a result of the January crypto relief rally, over $2.39 million has been liquidated from the Dogecoin market according to the latest update from Coinglass. On the daily time frame, if Dogecoin follows Baby Doge in price action, then it could rally beyond $0.155 to fully invalidate the 2022 bear market.

Elon Musk Promotes DOGE Payment for Organizations

Elon Musk has been advocating for different organizations such as McDonald’s to accept DOGE as a form of payment on Twitter since it is working on its own payment feature soon. This meme-coin is expected to be one of their top priorities given its global user base of about 5,145,693 people and its potential for further growth.

SEC Trying To Kill US Crypto Innovation?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is attempting to crack down on cryptocurrency exchanges by increasing regulations regarding digital assets trading services in the United States — which may lead to fewer jobs and less innovation in the crypto industry overall if not properly managed or taken seriously by both parties involved.


Dogecoin has seen an increase in positive sentiment due to recent events involving notable billionaires such as Rupert Murdoch and Elon Musk discussing it publicly during this year’s Super Bowl event — leading many people to speculate whether or not it could become accepted as a form of payment for various organizations soon given its growing popularity among users worldwide. In addition, traders should keep an eye on potential regulatory changes coming from SEC when dealing with cryptocurrencies as these may affect future trading strategies used in this space significantly.

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