Former CEO charges over 37.5 million Oracle tokens in process

The co-founder and former CEO of is processing a Tron-based Oracle platform and its main founder for supposedly not paying him.

Mate Tokay, a former CEO of, is filing a lawsuit against a small capitalization cryptomeda that he denounced for not paying him 37.5 million Bridge Token (BRG) worth $525,000.

Tokay claimed he was never paid for his services, despite the project’s use of his name in recognition of attracting investment for Bridge’s initial $8 million exchange offer three months ago. He added that Bridge’s founder, Sina Estavi, offered to compensate Tokay with „a much smaller amount“ than was agreed in his contract, adding that other consultants would have received similar treatment.

At current prices, the allegedly promised stock of 37.5 million BRG would be worth $525,000 in total.

Tokay further claimed that the current supply for BRG alleged by Bridge is imprecise, noting that he informed „other market leaders in the cryptomoeda industry, price aggregation sites and relevant exhanges“ of the „massive“ discrepancy between BRG’s purported supply and actual and current supply.

Tokay warned that the discrepancy could leave Corona Millionaire Scam investors vulnerable to a „classic pump and dump“, describing Bridge’s actions as „market manipulation“.

While CoinGecko’s cryptomeda market data aggregator currently does not list data for BRG’s current supply or market capitalization, CoinMarketCap ranks BRG as the 231st largest crypto asset with a US$141 million capitalization.

BRG has fallen from US$0.019 to US$0.017 in the last 24 hours, suggesting that some investors are pouring in amid Tokay’s process – with over 97% of the volume originating from a single exchange.

Despite the lawsuit, BRG’s price has risen more than 200% over the last 30 days.

Bridge did not immediately respond to the Cointelegraph’s request for a comment.

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