Vesta Calcio: the first Italian team with the Bitcoin logo on the players‘ shirt

The players of Vesta Calcio, third category team, will take to the field with the Bitcoin logo on their shirt.

Vesta Calcio is the first Italian team to have the Bitcoin logo on the players‘ shirts. Currently enrolled in the Third Category, Vesta aims to reach the D series in less than four years.

Born from a team of young entrepreneurs under 30, visionaries, innovators and active in the fintech and startup sector, it counts among its founders the team of Starting Finance Deal, an investment and consulting company that supports the innovators of the Future, and Gian Luca Comandini, one of the top Italian experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Sport and technology are the same word in Vesta Calcio, which in a few days has gathered more than 100 professionals among footballers and sports managers, and about 150.000€ of sponsors, demonstrating that the market has immediately grasped the importance of this innovative and far-sighted project.

On the field with Bitcoin on the jersey

Vesta Calcio players will take to the field with the Bitcoin logo on their shirt. In addition, the soccer team will accept cryptocurrency payments for the purchase of merchandise directly from the official website.

The integration of the Bitcoin logo on the uniform reflects Vesta Calcio’s desire to innovate and revolutionize everything that is wrong in the world of soccer as we are used to know it.

The blockchain to fight scams and impostors

Clubs who pretended to be other clubs, sponsors who pretended to be big players, masked capital gains, money laundering and money laundering. These are some of the most famous scams that have characterized the football sports sector for years.

Aware of this, Vesta Calcio will adopt blockchain technology to track the financial flows related to sponsors, as well as their activities, and all the commercial assignments that will feature Vesta Calcio.

„We aim to enter a traditionally conservative and static sector, namely the soccer that we all see on TV, and we want to unhinge it forever,“ explains Gian Luca Comandini, Co-founder and CFO of Vesta Calcio:

„A part of the financial movement of the team will be made with blockchain technology: we will say this is enough to money laundering, corruption, fake sponsors, money of dubious origin and operations without credibility. We will demonstrate to the Federation and the League that innovation in soccer is not just a possibility, it is a strategic necessity“.

Vesta Calcio opens the door to a new soccer era where innovation takes the field through the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT.

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